Saturday, November 17, 2012

R/V Melville day 8

Day 8: Question of the day

Do you regret saying yes to go on the trip? Does the boat make a lot of movement? -Darius Hargrove

What has been your favorite part so far? How far from here (San Diego) are you? -Mary Cruz

Have you guys met any new people? What are they like? Where are they from? -LaKendra Palmer

I do not regret it at all! I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten this opportunity and i am taking advantage of every second.

-The ship has not been rocking much, however a storm is on its way, and we plan to have 25+ foot swells with in the next couple of days
-My favorite part has been the whole trip, everything is just so awesome and i am learning so much. I am super grateful to have been offered this amazing opportunity. 
-From San Diego we are about 600 NM (nautical miles). It was a 2 and a half day trip up here. 
-We have met a ton of new people, everyone is so friendly, chill, and a pleasure to be around. People come from all around the world some of these places include; Northern California, Michigan, Florida, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Chile, Oregon, Norway.

Today I was woken up by a random fire drill. We had to go through safety training procedures which included trying on survival suits. 

Julie Alverez and myself in our survival suits

In port at MARFAC what I saw before getting on board

 The bow dome

My jellyfish 

The sun rise over the coast

The view from the bridge

Anchors away

My view from the second deck 

Paul Chua attaching the MMP to the mooring line


  1. Woop, Woop! You answered my question! But that's really cool! & you take some great pictures!