Wednesday, November 14, 2012

R/V Melville Day 5

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Day 5: Question of the day?

1) Are you worried about a heavy storm ever putting your safety at risk? Does the work you do require a lot of difficult machinery? -Manuel Lara

2) How is the weather at the moment? Have you eaten yet? What are your plans for today? -Ashley Laviengvong

- I am not fearful of a heavy storm putting my safety at risk. The ship is a dynamic positioning ship roughly 279 feet long i feel even with significant wave heights of 5+ meters we will all be safe and free from harm.
-The work does require elaborate and difficult machinery we are currently using a vast array of winches, air tuggers, "A" frames, and pulleys to safely and precisely get all the required instruments into the water as efficiently as possible to maximize sea time.
-The Weather at the moment is comfortable it is about 66.3 degrees F and sunny.
-I have eaten, i slept in through breakfast to adjust to my watch hours but for lunch (my breakfast) i had a cold cut sub, a small salad, mac and cheese and house made potato chips.
-The plan for today is to get the last mooring (this one located on the Mendocino Ridge) in the water and to begin casting CTDs and prep the deck for the incoming storm. All plans were accomplished.

*Manuel, acoustic releases attach at the base of the mooring right above the anchor and use sound (PINGs) to communicate. On board we can send down commands using a transducer that will either activate, release, or disarm them. These pings will also help us locate the moorings faster. 

Todays weather, beautiful as can be

The deep blue sea

The scientist and deck boss performing a last minute run through of the game plan 

Elizabeth Bunin attaching chain to a long range ADCP float

The birthday girl Vanessa Crandell ready for action
HAPPY 21st!

Res tech and Deck boss Josh Manger launching acoustic releases and glass floats

Chief scientist Ruth Musgrave enjoying the view 

Vanessa Crandell-Beck and Julie Alverez 

Chief scientist Amy Waterhouse and scientist Jonathan Nash attaching T loggers (temperature sensors) to the mooring cable

Scientist Paul Chun attaching glass floats to acoustic release chain

Mooring anchor being lowered overboard


  1. Great reporting, Jonathan!

    I hope you're loving the work you're doing, and learning a lot. Based upon what I'm reading, it sounds like you are!

  2. Thank you Mr. Blas and I LOVE IT! and have learned so much! thank you for giving me this opportunity!

  3. It seems as if your learning a lot being on this wonderful experience! :) You took the advantage and has impacted you dramatically. Good job!

  4. Have You Guys Started With The Styrofoam Cup Experiment? -Lupe Rangel Pr.3

    1. currently we are CTD casting in water to shallow for the experiment but we will get started as soon as we get into water deep enough

  5. Good job franco :D I like your report ;)

  6. You're doing such a great job reporting! & I love how many pictures are posted!

  7. Sick job on your blogs Jonathan, I never knew you had this advanced vocabulary.

  8. hopefully you stay there longer so that your vocabulary can expand (: ..

  9. Thanks man for keeping us up to date. I enjoy reading your informative posts and viewing the pictures you have taken throughout the trip. I feel like I'm there on the boat taking CTD measurements :) Keep it up dude.

  10. You have a lot of pictures of the blue sky and water. Its really pretty! Post some pictures of you and Julie.

  11. Hey Franco Nice Job :) thank for responding to one of my questions, keep up with the good work...

  12. Franco. I need a picture of you on the ship for the school district. Please post one or send one to Thanks!