Thursday, November 22, 2012

R/V Melville day 13

Day 13: Question of the day

How does science on the ship compare to science being taught on land considering the fact being on the ship your actually seeing things first hand and up close ? - Tyrell Robinson

What is the purpose of measuring conductivity? - Adanna Knox-luli

What is a dynamic positioning ship? What are winches and air tuggers used for? - Lorenzo McClure

-What we are taught in class can not compare to what i have learned at sea, its the little things and the small key bits of information that really make everything click, seeing and learning what is happening, why, has really opened my eyes on the whole concept and I feel this is the best teaching method that could possibly be used.
-The purpose of measuring conductivity is to see the speed at which the water throughout the water column travels (ex. current). This gives us an idea of what the water that is under the surface is doing and where it is going.
-A dynamic positioning ship is a ship that can keep the same position if the swell and wind forbid. This ship has the normal 2 propellers under the stern (back of the ship) but also is equipped with a bow thruster which can be lowered and from within the hull of the ship this thruster is another propeller that like the two in the stern. They all can swivel 360 degrees, and each can operate at different speeds, they work together to keep the ship from changing not only direction but position.
-The Winches and air tugger are used to lower cable, instruments, and basically everything that needs to be deployed overboard is placed or aided there using either a winch or air tugger.

The main control panel room in the engine room

one of the 4 diesel powered generators

The water distiller 

The mechanic shop

The seismic compressor 

The trraction winch

The inside view of the port side propeller and shaft


  1. What does the Port Side Propeller and Shift Do, How is it Used ?
    -Lupe Rangel Pr.3

  2. How Did You Spend Your Thanksgiving on The Ship ?
    -Lupe Rangel Pr.3

  3. Lupe-The propeller and shaft power the ship they make the ship go, its used for propulsion. There are three on the ship, two in the stern and one under the bow.
    I spend my thanks giving feasting like a king and having a great time.
    thanks manuel