Friday, November 23, 2012

R/V Melville day 14

Day 14 Question of the day:

Do You Guys Have a Schedule like at School on the Ship ? -Kevon Mitchell

What kind of data does the mooring lines record? -Jerome Silvels 

-Onboard we schedule ourselves according to our watches or shifts, I personally wake from anywhere around 1-3 pm, sometimes get a bite to eat, or i will wait till dinner, after dinner have some free time then we have a science moment where somebody will speak and give a presentation on their field. soon after my shift starts from 8pm - 4am, and then begins the night shifts ritual of going for a soak in the hot tub on board while relaxing unwinding and gazing at the thousands of stars, then a quick shower and off to bed. So no we do not have a schedule like we do at school we have one a million times better!
-Mooring lines collect data on temperature, conductivity, depth, salinity, density, all to measure currents and obtain data on internal waves and hydraulic mixing.

Sunset from the bridge

Sunset and a tanker

No caption needed beautiful with jupiter 

White Water from the thrusters

Beautiful seas as far as the eye can see

Sun rising on the horizon 

Sunrise off of Eureka

Chief scientist Ruth Musgrave getting some shots from the bridge

Captain Dave Murline

Waves crashing over the side onto the deck


  1. How Far in the Ocean were You Guys At ?
    Were The Waves Scary ?
    -Lupe Rangel Pr.3

  2. How has this Trip impact on your life? Good or bad ?
    Tyree Robinson, Marine Science

  3. Do you Miss home? Are You sea sick?
    Tyree Robinson, Marine Science

  4. Does the Weather affect your experiments ?
    Tyree Robinson,Marine Science

  5. Lupe-We are fairly deep not super far, but far enough where land is not visible so at least 30 nautical miles.
    Tyree- this trip has affected my life in a great way it has opened my eyes to so many amazing opportunities and has changed my career path, i'm fine where i am , i don't miss home, no i am not sea sick nor was i ever, and yes the weather if to sever can stop all science operations on the ship.