Sunday, November 11, 2012

R/V Melville day 2

Day 2: Question of the day

Hows the food?! Specifically what is your favorite food? Are you seasick? Is it cold? How cold? Is it raining? -Reyes Hermosillo 

-The food is great! we have 3 meals a day; breakfast (at 0730), lunch (at 1130), and dinner (at 1700). Plus a open galley that has snacks. All the fruit, candy, junk food you can eat. The 2 chefs onboard are great at what they do.
-My favorite thing i have eaten so far would have to be the onion rings, the salmon, or the steak. ( All super delicious and cooked to perfection).
-No I am not seasick and i have not been, that i know of nobody on the ship has gotten seasick.
- It is cold outside, in the lab and in my room it is comfortable. outside you definitely need a jacket and windbreakers help a lot. The temperature changes a lot throughout the day but with the wind that the ship generates it tends to stay more on the chilly side. Has not been any rain yet, but we are expecting a severe storm to come our way around friday (11-09-12)

Todays accomplishments - 11/11/12

Today first thing in the morning we set up acoustic releases* with the proper hardware so they can be attached to mooring lines that we will drop into the ridge to collect data on subsurface waves that cause mixing of the different levels of water within the ocean. 

*Acoustic releases are a vital piece of equipment. They allow us to retrieve the mooring lines after the data is collected by detaching itself from the base right on top of the anchor. This leaves the unnecessary anchor while allowing the rest of the equipment to float to the surface where it can be retrieved and its data examined.

Today was more of a prep day getting all the instruments and tools ready for when we arrive on sight, however we did have a meeting discussing our goal for the expedition and what we hope to accomplish with the data we collect.

Scientist and captain discussing the weeks plan

The wether HATE ON IT ;)

Diagram of a mooring line


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