Sunday, November 25, 2012

R/V Melville day 15

Day 15: Question of the day

 Is Collecting data hard? -Patricia Patticakeslicious Zapien

What kind of stuff are you doing on the boat , on the second week ? -Carlos Reyes

-Collecting data is not hard, the instruments do all the work, however analyzing and writing code to compute the data is a challenge.
- During the second weeks we are doing CTD cast throughout Eel canyon gathering data on internal wave prorogation.
Chief scientist Amy Waterhouse and Computer tech Kris Weeks in the lab

Some of the gang

Multibeam rendering of the topography of the ridge (Dancing Man)

Paul Chua, Jonathan Nash, and Amy Waterhouse ready for work

MMP ready to be deployed

Scientist Paul Chua and Rez-tech Josh Manger

Vanessa Crandell on the air tugger

Chief Scientist Ruth Musgrave giving us a presentation on some of the data collected so far

Scientist Jen MacKinnon up bright and early ready for a hard days work

Computer-tech Kris Weeks launching an XPT

Sun through the fog


  1. I see a picture at night so, Do you guys work at Night too ?
    -Lupe Rangel Pr.3

  2. What is The MMP used for ?
    -Lupe Rangel Pr.3

  3. Lupe- the MMP is a mooring profiler, it goes vertically along the water column and collects data through the variety of sensors it has, it is basically a CTD that moves and collects data throughout the water column at a fixed point.
    And yes we work at night my shift is the night shift.