Thursday, November 15, 2012

R/V Melville day 6

Day 6: Question of the day

How much salt does one gallon of ocean water contain? What would happen if you send a golf ball down to the sea floor?

-There is 13.25g/gal. i know this because there is 35g/kg of salt in the ocean. There is 100kg/m^3
and there are 264gal/m^3. So 35x100kg= 3500, 3500g/m^3. 3500g/264gal = 13.25g/gal
g=gram, gal=gallon, kg=kilogram, m=meter.
-if you send a golfball down to the sea floor in the deep depths of the ocean you will lose that golfball and never ever find it again. 

Todays accomplishments: 11/15/12

CTD casting throughout the day. Collecting data on conductivity, temperature, depth, salinity, velocity, pressure, and density. 

Myself as acting safety supervisor

The Gorgeous R/V Melville

CTD being lowered into the water for testing

The bridge

Painting of the R/V Melville in the library of the ship

View of the crane at night

Preparing before setting the mooing lines

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