Sunday, November 11, 2012

R/V Melville day 1

Day 1: Question of the day

What kind of work have you done so far? - Jasiri Harrison

Boarded ship R/V Melville at 0500 got oriented found my bunk, (only person on board that has his/her own bathroom ^.^) met everyone;

Chief Scientist- Amy Waterhouse (sio), Ruth Musgrave (sio).
Scientist- Jen MacKinnon (sio), Paul Chua (sio), Jonathan Nash (sio).
Volunteers- Jonathan Franco(Lincoln High school) Julie Alvarez (Lincoln High school) Hanne Beate (UAF) Felipe Gomez (CISESE) Bob Reed Elizabeth Bunin Vanessa Crandell-beck alfredo wetzel (U-michigan) Michael Fuentes (stalk institute).
 Restech- Josh manger.
Computer tech- kristopher weeks,
Captain- Dave Murline and the crew.

We left port at 0800 heading northbound to the Mendocino ridge and Eel canyon roughly 600 nautical miles from San Diego our ETA is 2200 monday night. We are traveling about 35 miles off shore at 10 knots. We stopped off the coast of Catalina Island and preformed a CTD (C-conductivity T-tempeture D-depth) test.  We sent CTD down to 1000 m was started at 1400 hrs. 3 sets of the Benthos acoustic releases were strapped to the CTD cage. Only 2 of the 6 total releases passed, after test were preformed on each set of releases individually at 500m 2 more functioned propperly.


CTD being lowered into water 

"A-frame" used to raise and lower CTD

Chief Scientist Amy Waterhouse testing  Benthos acoustic releases onboard prior to testing in the water

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