Wednesday, November 21, 2012

R/V Melville day 12

Day 12: Question of the day

How is the information gathered from this trip going to be used for the benefit in the scientific community? -Adrian Hernandez

Why does the ctd collect information like temperature, salinity, oxygen, pressure, density, and others? what will the information conclude?What is a MMP?How will you get the styrofoam cups into the depths of the ocean? -Jazmine Puentes 

-The information gathered on this research expedition will benefit the scientific community by finally collecting an understanding for internal waves, and hydraulic mixing throughout the water column. Age old curiosities that have never been understood.
-The CTD collects data using temperature, salinity, oxygen, pressure, density, and conductivity to measure fluctuations throughout the water which is hypothesized to be mixing caused by internal waves.
-The MMP is a Mclane Moored Profiler more information can be seen about this amazing instrument at
-We will attach the styrofoam cups to the CTD cage itself, we will send the package with the cups attached to approximately 1500 meters below the surface.

Technologically prepared? OH YEA laptops galore 

The night shift with Chief Scientist Ruth Musgrave, Michael Fuentes, and Hanne Beate Skattor

Felipe Gomez preparing a tag line

Scientist Paul Chua calibrating a ADCP on the CTD

Securing the CTD on board to change location

Kris Weeks and Hanne Beate Skattor preforming a XPT

Chief Scientist Ruth Musgrave downloading data on the deck

Felipe Gomez and Scientist Jen McKinnon working on the CTD

Chief Scientist Amy Waterhouse and Scientist Jonathan Nash 
look at the computer sitting on the crate "Scary Stuff" 

Scientist Jen Mackinnon ready to download data from the CTD

Sun setting 11-21-12

Elizabeth Bunin and Scientist Jonathan Nash enjoying the view

The Breathtaking view from the bow


  1. Thanks man for answering my question!

  2. Can you explain what a CTD does, what is it used for ?
    Tyree Robinson, Marine Science

  3. How did You guys spend your thanksgiving?
    Tyree Robinson, marine Science