Friday, November 16, 2012

R/V Melville day 7

Day 7- Question of the day

Are you home sick yet? Is the job you are doing difficult?How many times have you thrown up? -Samuel Calderon 

What exactly are you researching? Why is it important? -Bridget Castillo

-No i am not home sick yet, everyone onboard is really cool, chill, and great to be around. The captain told us that we are like a big family onboard the ship, that we have each others backs and look out for one another, and we all are exactly like that to one another.
-The job we are doing is not super difficult, however it is tedious and must be executed with precision or you risk harming not only the instruments, but yourself and others.
-I have not thrown up at all however a huge storm is headed our way and it is thought to bring up to 25 foot swells, that may cause tummy troubles. 
-We are conducting experiments and collecting data on internal waves, in addition we are acquiring data on hydraulic flows.
- This is important to study because this is ground breaking. These waves are always happening, and all around the world but no body knows why, and what exactly they do.

Its Raining!

Here comes the storm

CTD recovery

CTD deployment

Another critter from the deep (squid)


  1. the squid looks so cool!

  2. Pics are awesome! It looks like you are working 24 hours a day. So glad you are getting this opportunity. I will definitely continue to check in as I start my own travels. A week in Missouri....I know you're jealous. Ok, maybe not. Keep posting!

  3. thanks ms gray feel free to show anyone and have them check in too, and yea we work around the clock my shift is from 8 pm to 4 am and yes i am jealous