Wednesday, November 14, 2012

R/V Melville day 4

Day 4: Question of the Day

What is the name of the ship? What did you do today? What samples are you trying to obtain? 

-Xavier Gervacio

-The name of the Ship is- R/V Melville. R/V stands for research vessel.
-Today we set two of the three mooring lines. Mooring lines are strands of cable and chain that connect various instruments that will record data while submerged hundreds of meters below the surface of the ocean. The two lines were dropped in Eel canyon. The length of the lines were roughly 650 meters and 1355 meters.
-On this trip we are not necessarily collecting samples but rather data on internal waves.

Deploying top float and satellite beacon

Deploying cable

Scientist Jonathan Nash and Chief scientist Amy Waterhouse attaching temperature sensors to the mooring line

Deploying a ADCP

Chief scientist Ruth Musgrave operating the "A" frame 

Preparing to drop the anchor

Vanessa Crandell-Beck and Alfredo Wetzel hard at work

*check on previous post for more information on Barotropic and Baroclinic tides


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    1. Dont worry X we get cookies every other day ;) i got you

  2. look like you guys are doing construction

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    1. I really am though Patttttttticakeslicious! this is an amazing expirence

  4. This seems really fun and exciting. This is something that I should have did too.

  5. I wish I had went. Seems like an amazing experience.

  6. that machine looks pretty dangerous

  7. What is the weight of that machinery? 0:
    That ship must be well proportioned in buoyancy in order to be that stable.

    1. the ship is a dynamic positioning almost 300 ft tank. we have the ability to lift 3000 pounds and not feel a thing the small winch can lift 1000 lbs alone, so were safe.